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The FFC Bulletin 2018 V2 April

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Mini-ridgers: Lethal burial depth for controlling intrarow weeds

In a previous report “The final frontier: Non-chemical, intrarow, weed control for annual crops with a focus on mini-ridgers” preliminary results of FFC research into lethal burial depths for weeds was presented.  This report supersedes that research which indicates a simple rule of thumb for using burial to kill intrarow weeds.  more…

Electrothermal weeding update

A considerable amount has happened in the electrothermal weeding space since the January 2016 FFC Bulletin article.  Machines are now available in New Zealand and the FFC has an AGMARDT and industry funded project underway.  More…

The use of UV-A light insect traps for TPP control and monitoring in glasshouses

In a spin-off from the increasingly serendipitous mesh crop covers research for tomato potato psyllid (TPP) and potato blight control, the FFC has shown that TPP are exceptionally attracted to UV-A light and with funding from TomatoesNZ studied this effect and considers it potential for TPP control and/or monitoring in glasshouses.  more…

The effect of organically derived fertilisers on early growth of Pinot noir cuttings under glasshouse conditions

In a joint experiment between the FFC and Lincoln University, the growth boosting ability of a range of biological fertilisers were tested on grape cuttings.  A positive response was only see in nutrient limited potting mix from higher analysis fertilisers.  This is considered a good example of need to understand the fundamentals of nutrients as highlighted in a previous FFC report “The Fundamentals of Soil Nutrient Management, Soil Testing and Fertiliser Recommendations” Download a copy of the paper from the New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science or email for an ePrint if you don’t have journal access.

New agroforestry resources

A number of new agroforestry initiatives and resources have recently come out.  more…

OK-Net Arable

OK-Net Arable is a valuable resource that should of been covered in the FFC Bulletin some time ago. The project is about pulling together and synthesize current knowledge on organic arable systems to create farmer orientated advisory material.  Go to their website

Intrarow weeder videos.

Michigan State University, Department of Horticulture has made excellent extension / farmer orientated videos of three non-discriminatory, intrarow weeding tools: finger weeder, torsion weeder and, spring tine harrows.

The FFC on Rural Delivery

The FFC has featured on TVNZ’s Rural Delivery on 5th May giving an update on mesh crop covers.  Watch at TVNZ’s ‘on demand’ or on Vimeo

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