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Covering general livestock production, pests and diseases

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Soil mangement

Main soil management section.  Go to soil management section. 

Weed management

Main crop and pasture weed management section.  Go to weed managment section

Diverse species pasture: On farm impact monitoring project 2019-2022

This project monitored the impact of highly diverse pasture (19+ species in each individual mix) on milk quality, soil root penetration, animal behaviour, pasture composition and soil organic matter/soil over three years.  It was based on dairy farms in the Waimate area.  Final report.   Powerpoint slides from webinar.

Targeted selective treatment (TST) and bioactive forages for internal parasite management in lambs 2013

Targeted selective treatment (TST) identifies livestock that are underperforming by repeated individual weighing, such as fortnightly.  Complimentary research has shown that underweight animals are mostly likely to be underperforming due to internal parasite loads.  Animals that are underperforming can then be separated from the other well performing animal for selective treatment.  Read more…

The Effect of Effective Microorganisms on Lamb Growth Rates 2003

Effective Microorganisms (EM) a microbial inoculant, was tested for effect on lamb growth rate. In the first three weeks of the trial the EM treated lambs grew faster than the control but this position reversed for the final three weeks.  Overall the EM treated lambs gained 3.3% more liveweight than the control lambs but there were no statistical differences between individual treatments.  Read more…

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