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The FFC Bulletin 2015 V1 January

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The fundamentals of soil nutrient management, soil testing and fertiliser recommendations

Soil nutrient management and fertilisers are an increasingly hot topic with a growing range of ‘biological fertilisers’ available to farmers and growers as well as alternative soil testing regimes.  This article and extension report (PDF) explains the science that underpins soil tests, especially the rarely discussed limits and approximations of such tests which mean they are more of a guide than an oracle… Read more…

Miscanthus – a new tool for NZ ag and hort?

NZ farmers and growers are faced with a rapidly changing environment: climatic, production as well as political, that they have to operate within and adapt to. Therefore any new tools, that can help solve problems, or better, even improve their farm and financial performance, are welcome. While it is early days yet, Miscanthus could be one such tool… Read more…

 Comment: Agricultural paradigm shifts, climate smart farming and agro-ecology

Since the dawn of mainstream / intensive agriculture back in the early 1900s, calls have been made for alternative approaches.  However, until recently, most of these calls have come from proponents of alternative approaches such as organic agriculture or the periphery of mainstream farming.  However, to quote Bob Dylan, “the times they are a-changin”:  A recent call for a complete overhaul, even a paradigm shift within agriculture has come right from the heat of the establishment: the Director-General of the FAO… Read more…

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