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The FFC Bulletin 2018 V1 January

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2015-16 Third year of trials – Effect of UV light on foliar potato blight and psyllid yellows.

The third year of mesh crop cover trials for potato blight and tomato potato psyllid (TPP) control from the Future Farming Centre (published out of order, after the 4th year’s trial!).  This research provides a key piece of information regarding the ‘spectral filter’ effect of mesh crop covers and the impact of reduced UV light levels on potato blight and also psyllid yellows.  Lower levels of UV strongly correlated with reduced foliar blight symptoms, and as a surprise bonus, the same was found for psyllid yellows  more…

Crop Rotations – A Planning Manual from SARE

SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education) in the USA have published a crop rotations planning manual.  While ostensibly for organic farms, it is just as applicable to any production system organic, conventional, sustainable, biological, etc.  And coming from SARE it is a classic example of great extension literature, with both the underpinning theory, and a big focus on practical examples including real-world farmers.  So do look beyond the word ‘organic’ in the title and don’t look beyond the ‘free’ attribute, at least for the PDF. Go to the SARE download and info page…

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