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The FFC Services – Extension

The BHU Future Farming Centre (FFC) considers effective extension and advisory work to be critical for a thriving agriculture and horticulture sector.  The FFC therefore undertakes a variety of extension work including:

  • Publishing the FFC Bulletin, a quarterly newsletter producing concise, producer-friendly information on a wide range of research and other information designed to help farmers and growers improve their farm systems, e.g. reduce costs, increase profits, make the job easier and improve their environmental sustainability.
  • Providing seminar / workshops on topics such as non-chemical, weed, pest and disease management, sustainable soil management, and an introduction to the alternative / sustainable agricultures, such as organic, biological farming, permaculture, etc.
  • Holding field days and producing reports on research undertaken at the FFC.

Extension information is provided through our information pages and upcoming extension events are published on our events page

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