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Information – Annual and Perennial Crop Management – General Crop Production

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Rotations and their impact on soil health. Report number 03-2019

A report analysing the importance of crop rotations in sustainable agriculture including impacts on soil health, nutrients esp. nitrogen and phosphorous and losses to the environment plus beneficial effects on pests, diseases and weeds.

Vineyard floor management: A sustainability nexus with a focus on undervine weeding. Report number 04-2019

A report for NZ Organic Winegrowers on initially on undervine weeding that undertook a wider analysis of management of the whole vineyard floor resulting in the promotion of agroecological approaches, such as unmown-highly diverse pastures in the interrow and living mulches in the intrarow. It also includes a range of non-chemical undervine weeding options.  The report is equally applicable to all perennial crop systems and is a key discussion document in the move to agroecology in perennial crops.

Mesh crop covers

This is the main page for the extensive research and extension work undertaken at the FFC on mesh crop covers.  This started as trying to find an organic / non chemical solution to controlling tomato potato psyllid (TPP) on field potatoes but quickly morphed into a series of serendipitous discoveries including that mesh crop covers inhibit potato blight, directly boost potato yield through blocking UV light and modifying crop microclimate, plus that TPP are highly responsive to UV.  Mesh proved vastly more effective and profitable for TPP control on potatoes than chemicals.  This resulted in mesh covers being commercially available in Aotearoa New Zealand and thus being available to control a wide range of pests on field vegetables and perennial crops.  There is also general background information on mesh crop covers and their use and also how to purchase from the BHU Organic Trust’s webshop ‘The Organic Store

New Zealand Winegrowers National Cultivar / Variety Genetic Library

Lincoln University / the BHU Organics Trust hosts NZ Winegrowers national grape cultivar collection. This article provides details including the demonstration of a range of non- tanalised / copper chromium arsenate (CCA) treated posts.

Gold Linseed Trial 2003-2004

Is a field trial from the early days of the BHU Organics Trust on cultivars and sowing rates for gold linseed.

Linseed Stripper Simulation Trial 2003

Another trial from the early days of the BHU Organics Trust testing the potential for using a stripper front on a header (combine harvester) for linseed.  Use of stripper fronts has now become common practice for linseed harvest, particularly organic linseed.

Corn, bean and squash intercrops in Canterbury 2003

A trial looking at the classic ‘Three Sisters’ intercrop of corn bean and squash in Canterbury.

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