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The FFC Services – Research

The FFC has expertise in, and can undertake, a broad range of scientific research, as outlined below. This ranges from quick desk studies to scope issues, through to comprehensive research programs, drawing on our external research colleagues and partner organisations.

Examples of the research already undertaken at the FFC can be found on our information pages.


  • Nutrient management
  • Tillage
  • Compaction / controlled traffic farming (CTF)
  • Cover crops / green manures
  • Biological nitrogen management


All aspects of non-chemical weed management

  • System level – rotations / preventative
  • Tillage
  • In-crop weeding
  • Machinery
  • Thermal weeding
  • Herbicide resistance

Pests and diseases

  • Physical management, e.g. using mesh crop covers for insect pest management
  • Biological management
    • Inundative e.g., biological sprays for fungi and insects)
    • Conservation e.g., floral resources
    • Classical e.g., introduced biocontrol agents
  • Ecological e.g., rotations, crop and cultivar mixtures

General crop production

Integrating soil, pest, disease, weed, livestock and machinery research to optimise crop production – both profit and sustainability.


Considerable practical experience in agricultural machinery design and build.


In collaboration with our livestock research partners we can undertake a diverse range of sustainable livestock research.

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