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The FFC Bulletin 2016 V1 January

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Understanding biostimulants, biofertilisers and on-farm trials

There has been a phenomenal growth over the last decade of biostimulants and biological fertiliser (biofertilisers) products. A wide range of claims are made for these products and it can be hard for farmers and growers to tell fact from fiction.  This report aims to give you the guidance you need to work out which biostimulant and biofertiliser products have real potential to help you farm better and more profitably and those that should be treated with scepticism.  (more…)

Back to the future – electrothermal, systemic, weedkiller

To date, the only practical and successful thermal weeding techniques have been steam and flame. However, they are only equivalent to contact herbicides not systemic herbicides which is why they have been unable to supplant weed killers.  Electrothermal weeding is a thermal weeding technology from the 1980s that is both systemic and cheaper that steam and flame which is why its resurrection reopens a window for non-chemical weed control for both urban / amenity areas and agri/horticulture.  (more…)

New sustainable and ecological extension and information website launched is a new website which is translating scientific research into practical advice to help farmers and growers become more profitable and sustainable. (more…)

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