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The FFC Bulletin 2017 V1 January

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The State of Food and Agriculture Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security – FAO

The new FAO State of Food and Agriculture report that focuses on the relationship between climate change and food security has a pretty blunt message: that it “will require a profound transformation of food and agriculture systems world wide” to solve the issues humanity faces. (more)

Obsalim® livestock health cards

Animal heath is critical to the performance and profitability of livestock systems, but, going beyond the good herdsmanship of being able to spot an animal that is out of sorts, often involves the vet and associated cost.  The new Obsalim® system from France has been developed to allow farmers, vets and other involved in livestock production to diagnose animal health issues related to feeding.  (more)

Soil Health – Growing Resilient Efficient And Thriving (GREAT) Soils

Another great project from the home of the tormented acronym (the EU) is “Growing Resilient Efficient And Thriving (GREAT) Soils”.  Beyond the acronym, the core of this project is focused on soil health, what it is, and how to measure it.  (more)

FAO Agroecology Knowledge Hub

Tthe FAO have a new Agroecology Knowledge Hub website with a wide range of information for farmers and growers and others involved in agriculture from students to researchers. (more)

Sprouted seeds for chickens and tractor tyre app

A couple of sustainable farming titbits. (more)

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