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New agroforestry resources

By Charles Merfield

The interest in agroforestry continues to increase globally with three new resources.

The EIP-AGRI Agroforestry Focus Group have produced their Final report  “Agroforestry: introducing woody vegetation into specialised crop and livestock systems” 

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and US Forest Service have weighed in with “Agroforestry: Enhancing resiliency in U.S. agricultural landscapes under changing conditions” at over 200 pages contains a wealth of information. 

And from the land of tortured acronyms comes AGFORWARD (AGroFORestry that Will Advance Rural Development) a new project that aims “ to promote agroforestry practices in Europe that will advance rural development i.e. improved competitiveness, and social and environmental enhancement.”  They also have a collection of videos on Vimeo