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The FFC Bulletin 2017 V1 – Growing Resilient Efficient And Thriving (GREAT) Soils

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By Charles Merfield

Another great project from the home of the tormented acronym (the EU) is “Growing Resilient Efficient And Thriving (GREAT) Soils”.  Beyond the acronym, the core of this project is focused on soil health, what it is, and how to measure it, i.e., it is focused on practical information for farmers and growers, not, academics.

It has now put out its first reports, and, in my view one of the most valuable aspects of the work is comparisons of the many different soil assessment methods, such as standard chemical lab tests, Visual Soil Assessment (VSA), soil pits / profiles and more controversial tests such as Soil Foodweb Inc. and Albrecht.   The two reports, one an annual report and the other a literature review, are not final version extension material, but, they still contain a wealth of information on soil heath in a highly accessible form for producers.  Well worth a read and keeping an eye out for future outputs.


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