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The FFC Bulletin 2016 V1 – New sustainable and ecological extension and information website launched

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By Charles Merfield is a new website which is translating scientific research into practical advice to help farmers and growers become more profitable and sustainable.  It does this by providing unrivalled access to world‐class information resources and championing good farming practice based on ecological principles.

The site is a collaborative venture between leading organisations working to support sustainable farming in the UK including the Daylesford Foundation, the Organic Research Center, and Allerton Project, with the Daylesford Foundation having pledged £500,000 (NZ$ 1.1million) over the next five years.

Topics covered by the website include:

  • Soil management
  • Pests, diseases & weed management
  • Pasture management
  • Reducing antibiotic use
  • Encouraging biodiversity, especially pollinators and beneficial insects

While the site is unashamedly UK focused, and so has a number of topics (e.g., subsidies) that don’t apply outside the UK, there is still a wide range of valuable information, being added to all the time, that will be of value to farmers and growers in other countries, especially those in temperate climates.

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