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The Climate Action Campus

The Climate Action Campus, also known as ‘the unit’ is a ten hectare site, situated at the Horticultural Research Area (HRA) at Lincoln University.

Its role is to support the Organic Training College, and the Future Farming Centre, by providing research and demonstration facilities. Contact: Bob Stawasz, Farm Technician at

Google map of the BHU Farm

BHU Community Garden

The BHU Community Garden is part of a growing network of community gardens throughout New Zealand. It was established by the BHU and Lincoln Envirotown Trusts in 2008.

The Community Garden is located on the certified organic farm at the BHU, Lincoln University. The Garden consists of community plots for the sharing of produce, and individual plots maintained by the community garden members.

The Community Garden aims to encourage members of the community to pursue their aspirations to grow their own organic food on a certified organic farm in a supportive environment of like-minded gardeners.

Visitors welcome

Visitors, both groups and individuals, are welcome to visit the garden during business hours. Please contact Sarah Tritt, Community Garden Coordinator, if you are interested in joining or opportunities for hands-on involvement.

Help support this amazing charitable Trust

The Biological Husbandry Organics Trust is a registered charity (CC44519)

Originally established in 1976, the BHU became a Charitable Trust in 2001, to provide education, training and research in organic and ecological agricultural and horticultural practices, both on farm and in the community.

Help us to continue to achieve our aims by;

– offering educational opportunities that will shape the future of our community for generations to come.

– engaging in leading edge research .

– provide opportunities for farmers, growers and the wider community to transition to an environmentally regenerative future.


Your donation to the BHU Organic Trust supports our ongoing aims and is very much appreciated.

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