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The Biological Husbandry Unit Organics Trust is a registered charity (CC44519), dedicated to providing education, training and research in organic, ecological, permanent and related agricultures and horticultures.

It is run by a board of trustees with representatives from the New Zealand organic movement, organic farmers / growers and from Lincoln University.

Our Staff

Bob Stawasz

BHU Farm Technician

Nicky O’Sullivan

BHU Administration

Bill Martin

Organic College Manager and Tutor

Location: BHU Building, Hort Research Area, Lincoln University. Academic and Professional Background: BSc (Ecology), Certificate in Ecological Agriculture, Dip Hort,…

Dr Charles Merfield

Organic College Tutor

Location: BHU Building, Hort Research Area, Lincoln University. Professional and Academic Background: HND Comm. Hort., M.Appl.Sci. Hons, PhD Charles, better…

Hamish Kelland

Organic College Tutor

Location: BHU Building, Hort Research Area, Lincoln University. Academic and Professional Background: B Hort, Dip Hort (Lincoln), Cert Teaching Hamish…

Gilda Otway

Organic College Tutor

Location: BHU Building, Hort research Area, Lincoln University.

Our Board Members


Jon Manhire – ARGOS and AgriBusiness Group


Dr Lorraine Petelo – Director, University Studies and English Language Division, Lincoln University
Lynne Johnston – MEd, Academic Manager
Bailey Perryman – National Council, Doctoral research at University of Canterbury, Food Initiatives Catalyst – Otakaro Avon river corridor
Penny Sewell – Owner/Operator of Untamed Earth Organic Farm

To contact the Trust Board, directly please email the Chair, Jon Manire, at or phone (+64) 03 365 6806, or you can contact individual trustees via their affiliation websites above.

Our History

The Biological Husbandry Unit (BHU) was established in 1976 by Bob Crowder, an academic working at Lincoln University (LU). After Bob’s retirement at the end of the 1990s the BHU was re-launched in 2001 as a charitable trust as a joint venture between Lincoln University and the New Zealand Organic Movement.

The BHU farm and research activities were initially managed by Dr Tim Jenkins as part of a duel academic position at LU. Funding from MAF Sustainable Farming Fund and AgMardt that enabled the position was largely research based developing and promoting techniques for commercial scale organic agriculture. As the position developed the extension aspect of this was able to be expanded with well attended workshops aimed mostly at small farmers/growers and the development of a large published (web and print) resource of practical and technical information for commercial growers. Academic material was also developed for formal LU courses. The BHU employed and hosted summer students and overseas interns as well as working with LU and visiting researchers.Tim moved onto commercial research, extension and product development in August 2004 but has continued to write regularly in several publications including regular columns in OrganicNZ magazine and Canterbury Farming Newspaper. He now co-directs the Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd and is a research associate with the BHU.

Help support this amazing charitable Trust

The Biological Husbandry Organics Trust is a registered charity (CC44519)

Originally established in 1976, the BHU became a Charitable Trust in 2001, to provide education, training and research in organic and ecological agricultural and horticultural practices, both on farm and in the community.

Help us to continue to achieve our aims by;

– offering educational opportunities that will shape the future of our community for generations to come.

– engaging in leading edge research .

– provide opportunities for farmers, growers and the wider community to transition to an environmentally regenerative future.


Your donation to the BHU Organic Trust supports our ongoing aims and is very much appreciated.

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