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Future Farming Centre


The BHU Future Farming Centre (FFC) is dedicated to the science and extension of permanent and whole-system agricultures and horticultures, such as organic agriculture, ecological agriculture, agroecology, and biological farming, for the benefit of all farmers and growers.

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Community Garden

The BHU Community Garden

The BHU Community Garden is part of a growing network of community gardens throughout New Zealand. It was established by the BHU and Lincoln Envirotown Trusts in 2008. The Community Garden is located on the certified organic farm at the BHU, Lincoln University.

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Stepping Stone Programme


BHU graduates have the option of using BHU land and facilities to grow and market their own certified organic produce.

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Mesh Crop Cover Sales


The BHU is selling 3.7 meter wide mesh crop covers as a service to home gardeners, lifestyle blockers and market gardeners.

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Year 1: Introduction to Organics

This BHU - Lincoln University programme offers trainingio at one of Australasia’s oldest organic farms. During the 41 week’s tuition you can achieve the National Certificate in Horticulture (Level 3).

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