Dr Tim Jenkins


Organic College Tutor

Location : BHU Building, Hort research Area, Lincoln University.

Phone : 64 3 325 3684

Email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Academic and Professional Background
Cert.Prof. Biol. Husb., BSc(Hons 1st Class), PhD
Tim is former manager of the Biological Husbandry Unit and has lectured for five years at Lincoln University in organic agriculture. He has written regular, mainly technically based, columns in OrganicNZ, NZ Gardener and Canterbury Farming as well as numerous popular articles in a range of farming publications and academic journals. He is qualified in microbiology and has research interests in soil fertility, interactions between microorganisms, plants and animals, and general sustainable agricultural technologies. Tim has several years experience in intensive commercial growing and is the founding chairperson of Trees for Canterbury a community based native plant nursery and planting organisation with environmental and welfare aims. He has had several years of product development and technical transfer with Donaghys Industries Ltd. He is now codirector of the Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd which provides research and consultancy services