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Future Farming Centre

Permanent Agriculture and Horticulture
Science and Extension

The BHU Future Farming Centre (FFC) is dedicated to the science and extension of permanent and whole-system agricultures and horticultures, such as organic agriculture, ecological agriculture, agroecology, and biological farming, for the benefit of all farmers and growers.

The FFC is mostly a ‘centre without walls’ as while it is based at the BHU, it draws on the expertise and experience of a wide range of ‘associates’ throughout NZ and is able to link with other research provider partners, such as Universities and the CRIs both in NZ and overseas.  This means it has the ability to undertake a very broad range of science, which coupled with its deep understanding of the practicalities of real-world agriculture and horticulture, ensures that the science is trusted by producers and can be implemented on-farm.