BHU Scholarships

BHU International Merit Scholarship


The Biological Husbandry Unit (BHU) International Merit Scholarship was established in 2013 to support academically strong International Students new to tertiary study at Lincoln University.

Number and Value

Two scholarships of up to NZ$5,000 per annum are awarded annually to students about to undertake an approved course at the BHU situated at Lincoln University The scholarships are payable by way of a credit to the recipients' Lincoln University Tuition Fees account.


To be eligible to apply an applicant must:
(1) Be an International Student who has not previously studied at Lincoln University (English for
Academic Purposes excepted); and
(2) Gain entrance to their chosen course of study; and
(3) Meet all necessary immigration requirements to study in New Zealand; and
(4) Not be in receipt of any other scholarship.

Closing date

Applications must be received by the BHU no later than 4.30pm July 15 annually


BHU – NatureFarm NZ Scholarship


The New Zealand Nature Farming Society (NZNFS) is offering a student from the BHU Organic Training College a chance to learn more about Kysuei Nature Farming (a Japanese form of Organic Farming) and the technology of EM (effective micro-organisms).

Number and Value

One scholarship is awarded annually. The scholarship comprises two parts. The first part is a stipend to cover the time involved to run a demonstration garden at the BHU, Lincoln. The garden demonstrates Kyusei Nature Farming and the use of EM technology.

The second part of the scholarship is a chance to attend an international workshop, held each February in Thailand. This 3.5 day workshop covers Kyusei Nature Farming and the integration of EM into this form of organic farming. The workshop is conducted on an organic farm which has been transformed from a low productivity site to an amazingly productive and diverse farm.


The scholarship is open to students enrolled in the Year 2 Applied Organics programme at the BHU, Lincoln.

Closing date

Scholarship applications close on the 1st August annually.

Contacts for more information

For more details about the Year 2 Applied organic programme contact Bill Martin, BHU College Manager 03 325 3684, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more details about Kyusei Nature Farming and EM technology visit

BHU Community Garden

The BHU Community Garden is part of a growing network of community gardens throughout New Zealand. It was established by the BHU and Lincoln Envirotown Trusts in 2008. The Community Garden is located on the certified organic farm at the BHU, Lincoln University.
The Garden consists of community plots for the sharing of produce, and individual plots maintained by the community garden members.

The Community Garden aims to encourage members of the community to pursue their aspirations to grow their own organic food on a certified organic farm in a supportive environment of like-minded gardeners.
The Community Garden Coordinator is Sarah Tritt ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).
Visitors, both groups and individuals, are welcome to visit the garden during business hours. Please contact Sarah if you are interested in joining or opportunities for hands-on involvement.

The Biological Husbandry Unit Organic Trust

The Biological Husbandry Unit (BHU) Organic Training College was established in 2007 to deliver hands-on programmes in partnership with Lincoln University.

The BHU College is one arm of the BHU Organics Trust. The trust is a joint venture between Lincoln University and the New Zealand Organic Movement, dedicated to providing education, training and research in organic, ecological, permanent and related agricultures and horticultures. 

There are three main sections within the trust:

  • The BHU Organic Training College.
  • The BHU Future Farming Centre, which delivers science and extension for agriculture and horticulture.
  • These are supported by The BHU Farm, situated at Lincoln University, and overseen by the Trust Board.

Organic Training College

The Biological Husbandry Unit Organic Training College

The BHU Organic Training College delivers certificate level training in partnership with Lincoln University. The college is located at Lincoln University utilising the BHU farm which has been organic since 1976.


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  • BHU Trust

    The Biological Husbandry Unit Organics Trust

    The Biological Husbandry Unit Organics Trust is a registered charity (CC44519), dedicated to providing education, training and research in organic, ecological, permanent and related agricultures and horticultures. 

    It is run by a board of trustees with representatives from the New Zealand organic movement, organic farmers / growers and from Lincoln University. 

  • BHU Farm

    The BHU Farm

    The BHU farm, also known as 'the unit' is a ten hectare site, situated at the Horticultural Research Area (HRA) at Lincoln University.  Link to a Google map of the BHU Farm.

    Its role is support the Organic Training College, and the Future Farming Centre, by providing research and demonstration facilities. The Manager is Ivan Barnett, who has been with the BHU since the formation of the Trust. 

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  • BHU College
  • Future Farming Centre

    Permanent Agriculture and Horticulture
    Science and Extension

    The BHU Future Farming Centre (FFC) is dedicated to the science and extension of permanent and whole-system agricultures and horticultures, such as organic agriculture, ecological agriculture, agroecology, and biological farming, for the benefit of all farmers and growers.

    The FFC is mostly a ‘centre without walls’ as while it is based at the BHU, it draws on the expertise and experience of a wide range of ‘associates’ throughout NZ and is able to link with other research provider partners, such as Universities and the CRIs both in NZ and overseas.  This means it has the ability to undertake a very broad range of science, which coupled with its deep understanding of the practicalities of real-world agriculture and horticulture, ensures that the science is trusted by producers and can be implemented on-farm.

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