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    The Biological Husbandry Unit Organics Trust (BHU) is a joint venture between Lincoln University and the New Zealand Organic Movement, dedicated to providing education, training and research in organic, ecological, permanent and related agriculture and horticulture.

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      The Biological Husbandry Unit Organics Trust

      The Biological Husbandry Unit Organics Trust is a registered charity (CC44519), dedicated to providing education, training and research in organic, ecological, permanent and related agricultures and horticultures. 

      It is run by a board of trustees with representatives from the New Zealand organic movement, organic farmers / growers and from Lincoln University. 

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      The BHU Farm

      The BHU farm, also known as 'the unit' is a ten hectare site, situated at the Horticultural Research Area (HRA) at Lincoln University.  Link to a Google map of the BHU Farm.

      Its role is support the Organic Training College, and the Future Farming Centre, by providing research and demonstration facilities. The Manager is Ivan Barnett, who has been with the BHU since the formation of the Trust. 

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        BHU Organic Traiing College : student Hightlights

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          The BHU Organic Training College delivers certificate level training in partnership with Telford a division of Lincoln University. The college is located at Lincoln University utilising the BHU farm which has been organic since 1976.

          Current Programmes Available
          Year 1 Introduction to Organics

          An introductory programme in organics. During the 34 week's tuition you can achieve the National Certificate in Horticulture (Level 2) and the Telford Certificate in Organics (Level 3). read more

          Start & End Dates: 2nd September 2013 to 6th June 2014

          Part Time: 2 days per week (Mon & Tues) Fees: $346

          Full Time: 2.5 days per week (Mon, Tues , Thurs) Fees: $498

          Year 2 Applied Organics

          A hands-on programme for applicants with prior experience or qualifications in organics or general horticulture. Students have the option of using BHU land and facilities to grow their own certified organic crops. During the 37 week's tuition you can achieve the National Certificate in Horticulture (Level 4). read more

          Start & End Dates: 2nd September to 27th June 2014

          Part Time: 1 day per week in term 1 then 2 days per week Fees: $346

          Full Time: 2 days per week (Mon, Tues) Fees $498

          Organic Distance Programme

          The BHU also offers the Certificate in Organics Level 3 by correspondence. This programme covers the history and development of organics, composting, soils, permaculture, how to maintain shelter and encourage biodiversity and plant science. read more

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      Permanent Agriculture and Horticulture
      Science and Extension

      The BHU Future Farming Centre (FFC) is dedicated to the science and extension of permanent and whole-system agricultures and horticultures, such as organic agriculture, ecological agriculture, agroecology, and biological farming, for the benefit of all farmers and growers.

      The FFC is mostly a ‘centre without walls’ as while it is based at the BHU, it draws on the expertise and experience of a wide range of ‘associates’ throughout NZ and is able to link with other research provider partners, such as Universities and the CRIs both in NZ and overseas.  This means it has the ability to undertake a very broad range of science, which coupled with its deep understanding of the practicalities of real-world agriculture and horticulture, ensures that the science is trusted by producers and can be implemented on-farm.

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